Helix Semiconductors

Helix Semiconductors was founded in 2012 and spent their first several years developing, patenting, and perfecting the MuxCapacitor™ and its related patented approach to capacitive isolation, CapIso™. The fabless chip company holds 44 patents in the areas of DC-DC conversion, AC-DC conversion, and other supporting technologies in the power supply and converter world, specializing in ICs that convert voltage and power and provide isolation, all in the capacitor domain. MuxCap™ and CapIso enable the highest efficiency of any power supply modules, sometimes an order of magnitude better than traditional windings-based power converters, especially at low to medium loads or in standby and vampire mode. Helix Semiconductors holds several industry recognitions for its unique approach to voltage conversion free of any windings making it possible for power module makers to achieve the highest power densities (PD) in their markets, sometimes as high as 5x or more PD than their competitors. The MxC200 family of products is in mass production today with several derivative devices, development and evaluation modules, and reference designs. They have offices with design engineers in Irvine, CA and Colorado Springs, CO.

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