Display Visions

DISPLAY VISIONS is a brand of ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY GmbH established in Germany in 1977. Over the course of more than 43 years, DISPLAY VISIONS has been a manufacturer of displays for the industrial, energy, medical, IT, and other sectors. All displays feature long-term availability and superior optical performance, such as high contrast, high brightness, and high reliability. In addition to their wide offering of standard TFT, LCD, OLED, and HMI units, DISPLAY VISIONS also develops custom displays. The engineering team provides technical support and guidance, from initial design to the production phase, during product development. They offer various technical solutions to customers including touch screen solutions, optical bonding, code snippets, and assembly services. Prior to the introduction of DISPLAY VISIONS intelligent displays, displays were difficult and time consuming to interface into products. Their intelligent displays come with powerful graphic software containing a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, functions, and other innovations that are ideal for fast development, integration, and speed-to-market solutions. DISPLAY VISION is RoHS, REACH, CE, ISO-9001, and ISO-14001 certified.

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