Cita Technologies, LLC.

Cita specializes in designing and manufacturing professional and industrial grade electronic and electromechanical products. Its state-of-the-art plant in Nanjing, China, includes an SMD production line, extensive QC testing, clean room, injection molding, potting, and vacuum chambers. Cita employs OEM/ODM Process Control, ERP, and QC management systems. Cita’s Bias Power line of constant power modules and LED drivers offers many unique advantages, including small size, high efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Unlike many competitive products, each Bias product is a complete drop-in ready AC-to-DC power solution. Cita offers constant power modules (to replace discrete designs), as well as high-efficiency constant current LED driver modules. Both Bias Power and Cita LED Drivers are commercial-grade, designed for customers’ most demanding lighting applications.

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